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Rules And Regulations

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Rules And Regulations

Post by stargurl67 on Mon Oct 27, 2008 7:44 pm

To ensure that Millsberry Stars runs as smoothly as possible, we will require that each and every member (that includes us Board Officers and the Admin!) adhere to the rules and regulations imposed on our site. After all, even a terrific site like MS needs to have rules!

Millsberry Stars was created to supply the needs of current existing (and growing) Millsberry players. As such, we would like to remind everyone, the young and the young at heart to keep in mind the same rules and regulations we all agreed to when we started playing. However, as we are a running forum, added rules must be implied and followed.

Please remembear to keep our forum as clean and as safe for everyone as possible. Bear in mind that Millsberry was created mainly for the young ones and as such, our forums must be geared towards them. So please, nothing inappropriate!

The Admin and the Board Officers reserve the right to edit, move, lock or delete any posts by members, provided they feel that it does not adhere with the guidelines of Millsberry. If they feel that your posts are inappropriate, you will receive a warning and a reason as to why you were warned.

REMEMBER: You can only get warned a certain number of times. Following that, you will either be suspended or banned depending on the gravity of your actions and the frequency of them.

Posting Rules (Guidelines and Proper Netiquette)

Please keep in mind that forum is geared towards the players of Millsberry and as such need to be protected from inappropriate behaviors. Please keep in strict adhere to kid-friendly reminders and post accordingly by such we expect you to:

a. Be courteous and polite to everyone in the forums. Give equal respect to the Admin, the Board Officers and the members.

b. No Racial Slurs or anything of the sort. Be respectful of each member’s race, social status, gender, religion, social disability and age. This includes the agreement that each member will avoid and discourage any derogatory remarks aimed at a specific player, his race, age, gender and political preferences.

c. No Flaming – flaming refers to a member interrupting the flow of a thread by posting hateful comments that incite anger in other members. Yes we know that it’s impossible to get along with everybody. But, let’s just all agree to disagree and keep our debates within the healthy confines of proper bear-etiquette.

d. No profanity. Millsberry Stars has set up word filters but don’t think that just because you got away with using a profane language or sentence that you’re free. Moderators will monitor most of the posts and we encourage other members to keep track of each other’s actions when it comes to posting.

e. Advertising of another website, product, and/or service via a new topic is strictly prohibited. Please understand that while there exists a general chat forum for things not related to Millsberry, it does not include links to other websites. This is because anything that goes on outside of Millsberry Stars is out of our hands. We don’t want you guys to be visiting sites that could possibly be sensitive or dangerous.

If you believe that a site you’re promoting is safe and kid-friendly, then PM the Admin or any of the Senior Officers and ask for permission. They will then decide if that website is in adherence with Millsberry Stars principle guidelines.

f. No solicitation for donation. And definitely NO asking for usernames and passwords from players through private messages. (There are no EXCEPTIONS to this rule!)

Here are some rules regarding codes:

(Don't think that we are taking away the fun of sharing codes...)

g. No Duplicate Accounts – Creating more than one account per e-mail account is already filtered, however if we catch members who are creating multiple accounts for the purpose of harassing or spamming other players, we will be forced to ban that member.

h. Avatars and Signatures - please make your avatars and signatures safe for everyone to read and view. If the Admin and the Board Officers believe that you are not following this rule, you will be given a warning and a day to delete and/or change your existing avatar/signature.

i. No Post Topic Spamming - do not post the same topic and/or post in multiple forums. We realize sometimes this happens within the same topic due to technical issues but other than that this is strictly prohibited.

j. No PM Spamming - Spamming unsolicited messages through the use of the PM (Private Message) system on Millsberry Stars is strictly prohibited. Members are requested to inform moderators of other members who violate this rule. You will be warned and/or banned.

k. Impersonating Other Members - Creating accounts that use similar, or existing, member names in order to slander existing members, or cause misconceptions towards another member, is not allowed.

i. Personal Information – while there is a profile page to display member information, we advise members to be careful about what they are willing to share and be careful about giving away sensitive information such as your phone number, your exact address, your real name, your school’s name or any other information that could lead to endangering your privacy or identity. If you feel that a member is being too inquisitive, please inform the Admin or the Board Officers ASAP.

A member is afforded only 5 warnings (for the same offense) for inappropriate behavior.

a. First three offenses of the same nature – 3 Warnings (basically a slap on the wrist)
b. Fourth Offense of the same nature – Suspension (period of suspension varies)
c. Fifth Offense of the same nature– Permanent Ban from Millsberry Stars

For Immediate ban (that does not need any warnings)

a. Posting, advertising and inviting our members to join another forum site
b. Use of profanity or foul language when corresponding with the Admin, the Board Officers and the members

Disabling of PM access
a. Asking for random codes by PM-ing other members and the Board Officers
b. PM spamming

Yes, we know it seems too strict, but we believe that we are clear with the rules and that repeated warnings will only get you so far. However, we trust that the members of this forum will adhere to the rules. Hopefully, we don’t need to get to the fifth offense.

The Staff

The Admin and the Board Officers in this forum exist to make sure that everything in the site runs smoothly, the rules and regulations are being followed and most importantly, that everyone is having fun!

If you believe that an officer is abusing his authority, please contact the Admin and he will look into the matter immediately.

Your happiness is our one desire here at Millsberry and we want to promote our forums as a safe and healthy environment for all.

As such, the Admin and the Board Officers will be monitoring the forums. We know we cannot keep track of everything so we advise our members to report to us if they feel that an injustice has been done or that someone has violated forum rules.

Who knows? You might be invited to join our team too!

If we feel that a member has done something that is contrary to what our forums are striving for, we will give necessary sanctions such as warning, suspensions or a permanent ban from the site. However, we might get some things wrong too. If you feel that you have been wrongly accused, PM the Admin and explain your case.


Millsberry stars is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or any other damages, arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this website, or in reliance on the information available on the site. This includes any personal injury, business interruption, loss of use, lost data, lost profits, or any other pecuniary loss.Millsberry Stars is not responsible for the content of our users’ posts, and states that the views of our users are not necessarily that of Millsberry.

Millsberry Stars is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Millsberry®. Millsberry® is the trade name and the registered trademark of Millsberry Retail Management, Inc.all Millsberry™ character names, logos, and images are trademarks owned Millsberry.

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Re: Rules And Regulations

Post by emilylove on Mon Mar 09, 2009 1:52 am

Whoever uses this forum as an advertising place,they will be punished.


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